Who we are. 

The Canadian Consumer Rewards Coalition (CCRC) is a not-for-profit organization created to represent the collective voice of Canadian consumers. We are a grassroots-based organization, with tens of thousands of supporters located in every province in Canada, and growing every day.  

Our mission. 

The CCRC was created primarily to defend Canadian consumers’ reward points and programs from attacks by the retail lobby, undue encroachment by public officials and governments at all levels, and other unfair changes to the system. 

Throughout the years the voice of consumers has not been properly represented in the halls of power across the country. Our goal is to change that.  

Millions of Canadians earn and spend rewards every day on things ranging from groceries, gas, and other essentials to theatre tickets, flight tickets and vacations. But their ability to keep doing that is under constant threat. At the CCRC we have made it our mission to ensure that your rightfully earned rewards are protected, and remain yours to redeem as you please. 

Our advocacy efforts are aimed at ensuring elected officials, regulators, and other decision-makers put consumers first when it comes to policies impacting points and rewards. 

Our Leadership
Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang leads the CCRC’s public consumer advocacy efforts. Andrew is a marketing and communications advisor with more than twenty years of experience helping emerging companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, achieve their business objectives. 

Prior to launching the CCRC, Andrew served as the Director of Communications to Ontario’s Minister of Consumer Services – the ministry responsible for consumer protection in the province. 

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