Welcome to the Canadian Consumer Rewards Coalition.


The CCRC fights on behalf of Canadian consumers, defending their hard-earned points and rewards.

Join the movement standing up for Canadian consumers. 

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Millions of Canadians use reward-based credit cards to collect points they can exchange for cash back, gas, groceries, and flights.

The CCRC defends the interests of Canadian consumers – ensuring the rewards they’ve rightfully earned are protected, and preserving their ability to earn future rewards.

Latest Updates

Post-Election Update

Our mission to protect your points continues With the federal election over and a new government about to take power in Ottawa, we thought we should update you on our campaign to protect points and rewards. The Liberal party is expected to form a minority government...

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Lessons from Australia

Learning from the fate of points and rewards in Australia to ensure Canada doesn't make the same mistake. This election, reward points are on the line. The NDP is calling for a cap on interchange fees. This may seem like a good idea on paper, but when Australia did...

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